What is an ALPHA?

We’ve all met people in our lives who exude an energy which is inspiring, infectious, empowering. Within a short time, we know they have a sense of purpose bigger than themselves, and they somehow inspire us to want to fight alongside them.

These people have a hunger for mental and physical growth, they exhibit courage, and seek to uplift the people around them

What’s their secret? They’ve aligned with their inner Alpha and RELEASED it.

Static Energy vs. Alpha Energy

Releasing your inner Alpha comes with a purpose and clarity that clears away the haze in your mind and taps into deep reservoirs of energy and grit. By aligning with your alpha energy, you can lesson and even avoid situations of static or stalled growth. Some examples of Static Energy vs. Alpha Energy are:

Static Energy vs.





Alpha Energy





5 Traits of an Alpha

1. Courage – Alphas feel the fear, and do it anyway. They have a willingness to face fear. They understand that Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to face fear over, and over again.

2. Physical Prowess- An Alpha knows when they are training their body, they are also training their mind. Physical movement & strength building re-establishes the often disconnected connection between the mind and body. Mind body connection creates a conduit to access their Alpha Energy, release their inner Alpha, and allow them to flow into their greater purpose and inherent power.

3. Emotional Mastery- An Alpha understands that emotions are just data. When data is inputted, they have the choice to assign the data with positive or negative value. At times, data triggers previous programming that can result in emotional surges. An Alpha knows that they do not need to deny their emotions, but rather recognize that when they feel internal chaos, can choose to react with wisdom and make right choices. With time, the patterns of wise choices reprogram previous programming and allow the Alpha to act freely, and not be dominated by unchecked waves of emotion.

4. Appetite for Knowledge & Learning- Alphas are wise. They seek out knowledge to build their capacity to connect with the world and people around them. The more they learn, the more they understand how much more there is to know. They are humble, and recognize areas of lack are opportunities for growth.

5. Sense of Purpose Bigger than Self- Alphas recognize that they are more than just the sum of their parts. They know when they work side by side with others on causes bigger than themselves, they create a synergy that shapes and changes the world for good.

We know there’s no one way to be an Alpha. Alpha Energy manifests differently and uniquely in every person! But we do know, releasing your inner Alpha will change your life.


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