Clifton Mack
Clifton MackCEO
Three years ago, Clifton was nearly 300 pounds, dealing with chronic depression and knew he needed to change his life, not just for himself, but for his wife and kids. After this period of learning and education, he entered into a national weight loss competition with over 10,000 applicants and came in second place. He lost a total of 60 pounds in 90 days. It was the hardest thing he’s ever done, and is proud to say he’s kept it off.

Clifton became obsessed with the science of hormones, the study of endocrinology and biochemistry and decided to channel his new passion into helping others become the best version of themselves by partnering with Dr. Belal Khokhar, and opening the Alpha Male Clinic.

Dr Belal Khokhar
Dr Belal KhokharMedical Director
Dr Belal Khokhar specializes in cutting edge hormone and anti-aging science. As a 14 year hospitalist, Dr. Khokhar was tired of treating symptoms, and not the root causes of disease. Day after day he saw patients buried under the effects of physical, mental & emotional burnout and knew there was a better way.

In 2020, Dr. Khokhar joined Clifton Mack as Medical Director of the Alpha Male Clinic, and together they started on a mission to help men push a reset button so they can feel young again, take back their confidence and regain their sense of self worth.

Stephanie Butler
Stephanie ButlerCOO
Stephanie Butler has worked throughout her career to help organizations bridge the gap between dreaming and doing through entrepreneurial and change management consulting. She received a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, Bachelor’s degree in Education, and has worked with various organizations in both the private and non profit sectors.
Micah Gaudio
Micah GaudioCMO
Micah was one of the first Alpha Male Clients and had an amazing transformation 90 days later after meeting Clifton.
He now spends his time bringing the Alpha Male Plan to the masses and helping new Alpha Male Clinic franchisees get started. He loves helping people look and feel their best and believes strongly in the Metabo Launch Plan.
Coach Matt
Coach MattHead Performance Coach
After dealing with hormonal imbalance for a majority of his life, Matt finally found the answers and solutions he was searching for through Hormone Replacement Therapy. Learning how to balance his hormones changed his life, and he fell in love with learning about all things hormones. Matt’s passion, and mission, is to help other people improve their health and lives in the way that hormone optimization has changed his.
Coach Rudy
Coach RudyPerformance Coach
Rudy Uribe’s mission at Alpha Male Clinic is to coach you on your journey to optimal health. With 9 years of experience in performance training and an Exercise and Sport Science degree from Coastal Carolina University, he is ready to help you crush your goals and improve your health. As a father and an Army National Guard soldier, Rudy relates to obstacles you face and strives to lead by example. If you are ready to take control of your health, join Rudy and become an Alpha.
Nurse Bailey
Nurse BaileyNurse
As a nurse with over four years experience, Nurse Bailey has seen sickness and health deterioration in so many people. Many of these conditions could have been prevented with proper self-care and health monitoring. After working through the COVID-19 pandemic at a local hospital with Dr. Khokhar, Nurse Bailey made the move to the Alpha Male Clinic, which gave her the opportunity to practice nursing on a different side of medicine. She is currently working on her Masters in Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) at Walden University and plans to use it to contribute to this amazing cause. She is thankful for this opportunity to use her passion for nursing to help people be their healthiest and happiest selves so they may live their best Alpha lives.
KatyaClient Experience Coordinator
Katya is an operations specialist who comes to the Alpha Male Clinic with a background in organizational management in the health and fitness space and beyond.