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Metabo Launch Episode 6 Transcript

Speaker 1 (00:07):

Okay, you all. This has been a journey. I hope you guys have intently paid attention to all the segments in this. It’s not because I want you to hear me speak. It’s because I have put, I’m going to go ahead and say about 1,000 hours of research both in the books, but more importantly, beta testing this on myself. And you can tell by my passion that I don’t just believe this is going to work for you. I know it’s going to work for you. It’s been three years. I’ve always been a big, strong fat guy, and I don’t live that life anymore. I also don’t have to live a freak. If any of you guys have been out and eat with me, party with me, you see I eat what you eat. I drink what you drink. I can live a normal life. I’ve reinvented myself.


And the reason I’ve taken you on this journey is because many of you aren’t like me. Okay? For me personally, you can’t just tell me something to do and me just blindly do it. I have to understand why. And if I understand why, I’ll do it. So for me, my journey was so important that I learned about the hormones and the organs and the secretions. And what happens when you do this? Because you have to understand that there are consequences to all these little details. That’s why I’ve not just simply said, “Here’s the plan. Do this. One, two, three, four, five.” I need you to understand the why because when you put that drop of cream in your coffee, you’re ruining your hormonal production. You’re completely screwing yourself. Everything about Metabo-Launch and this course is to basically put the hormones to work for you.


And the interesting thing is up until this point, chances are the hormones have been working against you. I’m trying to put them on your side, manipulation of the hormones in the right way. And so this plan I’ve got here… And I’m just going to jump around. We’ve got perfect fasting, guys, perfect fasting. I’m going to say this 1,000 times. You do not have to be perfect when you’re eating. You have to be perfect when you’re fasting. Okay? Because we’re doing this for adrenaline, epinephrine, serotonin, growth hormone, digestive enzymes. All those things married together is what makes your metabolism high. It heals your fatty liver, which makes your metabolism high. And it basically makes it to where a major portion of the day, you’re using fat for energy. Okay? But you must be perfect. If you break one little rule… That’s why we brush our teeth with hydrogen peroxide. Isn’t that crazy? Because it’s that specific.


It’s not about calories. It’s not about, “Oh. I’m going to get the one or two calories from my toothpaste and that’s going to break my fast.” No. It’s the insulin secretion. So perfection when you’re fasting is most important. Remember, eight hours, can you lose weight eating for eight hours only? Absolutely. You can. But you have to be eating a little cleaner. That’s why I like the six-hour eating window because to be honest with you, I don’t like to count my carbs. I don’t like to count things. I don’t want to weigh my food. I don’t want to be a freak at a restaurant. I want to be able to eat and be normal.


So the six hours for me is just the easiest way to check myself so that I’m not having to watch every little and read all the labels on every package of something that I eat. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty annoying. Use the tools in the cliff notes we’ve given you, guys. I mean, apple cider vinegar is the number one super food in the world. Okay? I promise you one shot in the morning, one shot at night. This is a shortcut. Coffee is a super food. The polyphenols make you regenerate yourselves. The caffeine, it helps you curb appetite. Use those tools. Drink coffee. It’s great. Green tea, another thing. It’s got catechins in it. Great, great resource, green tea speeds the process up. Guys, Make Up Monday. You want to enjoy yourself on the weekend? You must observe Make Up Monday. Guys, it is not a decision on Sunday night. “Am I going to fast on Monday?” No. I’ve been doing it for three years. It’s part of the routine. Look it up. It’s not just in the guru’s handbooks that they’re saying fasting’s great. It’s in the Bible.


They’ve been talking about this for thousands of years as being something that’s healthy for you. Do it. I promise you I’ve never had anybody go, “Oh. These 24s, I feel like garbage. They’re not good for me [inaudible 00:04:47].” No. Once you do it and you experience it, you’re a believer for life. Guys, this is not going to be easy. You’ve been putting this weight on or living this life and getting decrepit and pains and all. It’s been a long, slow process. What I’m trying to do is accelerate this and speed this up for you. I’m trying to give you all the advantages, the hacks, the shortcuts so that we can do this, but it’s not going to be easy. There is no magic pill.


Guys, we’re going to talk. I’ve got some incredible things here. We start talking about testosterone, growth hormone, peptides. We are the gurus here. You got questions? Come in and talk with. We want to help you with this process. But none of these medications are going to help you live your best life without putting in the work. And the natural side. This Metabo-Launch course is the foundation of our clinic. And guess what? It’s free. I’m putting it on YouTube. You can send it to anyone you want for free. I don’t make any money on this. But you could see this is where my passion is because my life has changed. And it’s not changed because of the medications. Now don’t get me wrong. We’ve got some amazing stuff and I want to talk to you about that, but you got to put the hard work in. One of the things I don’t have tolerance for is people going, “Oh. But the hunger pains.”


Come on. Guys, you ever hear no pain, no gain? I mean, this is not medications. Okay? This is hard freaking work. When I’m in the gym, I put myself under so much excruciating pain. Many of you guys have heard me call others and myself crazy. You might have watched this video and go, “Wow. That Clifton’s crazy.” You’re damn right I’m crazy. Put me in a freaking straight jacket. That’s a badge of honor for me. I am crazy. Okay? Crazy about living my best life. The only people that accomplish their goals and not just with their body, but with money, with family, are the crazy ones. 95% of people in any situation never change. Only the 5% of crazy people do change. So yes, you’re right. I am crazy.


Ghrelin, guys, the hunger hormone, it is going to mess with you these first few days of fasting. But I promise you, it does not last long. Just like we’ve talked about insulin resistance that basically the onset of diabetes is insulin starts to not work anymore. Guess what? The good news is about all this resistance I’ve talked to you about, is you can become ghrelin-resistant. Your brain can get tired of hearing your stomach, “Go feed me. Feed me. Feed me,” and go, “Shut up, stomach. We don’t care about you anymore. You’re not in control of me.” And that’s one of the powerful things that I’ve learned through this journey of learning about hormone science is we’re all victims of our own idiocy. The hormones should not control you. Your brain is smart. You should control the hormones. You have the ability to tell ghrelin, “Shut up. I’m not interested in you. It’s not 2:00. We’re not freaking eating.” And after a while of doing that… Guys, it only takes a week. Your brain tunes it out, at least a good portion of it.


I’ve got a house being built literally right next door to me right now. I mean, I can almost reach out and touch the wall of the construction. They’re on that construction site at 6:00 AM. I like to wake up at 6:45. And for that first week, it was loud and annoying hearing them start up their saws and their hammers. But guess what? This morning, I didn’t hear anything because my brain has tuned that out. Our brains are brilliant, and your brain will tune this ghrelin out. So I don’t want to hear your freaking excuses. Yes, of course you’re hungry. That’s the magic. Remember we talked about the magic of ghrelin? It hits your pituitary gland and it makes you excrete more growth hormone.


So bring on the ghrelin. I want ghrelin in my body. Ghrelin is one of the best hormones you can expose your body to. Take the time, make the commitment, make the decision so that you can become ghrelin resistant. Then it’s going to get easy. That’s how I can do a 24-hour fast every freaking week. It’s not a big deal. It doesn’t take willpower on Mondays. “Oh, I wonder if I’m going to eat today.” No. No. This is the plan. I’m not going to eat today. And there’s no thinking about it. It’s just getting through it.


Guys, goal-setting. It sounds generic, but the most important aspect of goal setting is the short-term. Everyone wants to drive a Lamborghini, but they don’t want to save $100 next week. Let’s focus on saving the 100 bucks before the Lamborghini. Okay? I don’t care what your body goals are. You need one-week goals. I like to write them in my wife’s lipstick on my mirror. Right? So when I’m shaving, I can see that damn goal. I can’t hide from it. It’s right there. Put it there. Not only that, but you need a dang accountability partner. Okay? A friend.


I love workout partners. I would encourage all of you to find somebody on the same schedule. Get a workout partner. But regardless, aside from that, hold yourself accountable. Those of you guys that know me well know that when I play sports, I like to talk trash before the sport. It’s not because I’m a cocky guy. It’s because I know that it makes me firm in my commitment. When I tell him I’m going to dominate him on a basketball court before I even see him play, it locks me into a freaking battle. I’m going to do whatever it takes so that I don’t look like an idiot for talking trash.


Well, I did the same thing when I decided to lose my weight. I called my shot. Freaking babe Ruth said, “It’s going out. It’s going out of the park right now.” I told everyone, “Hey. It’s going out of the park. I’m going to lose all the weight.” I told everyone that would listen. I said, “This is what I’m going to do.” And I didn’t do that to be cocky. I did it to make myself firm in my commitment because you know what? I didn’t want to look like an idiot to the 100 people that I told that I was going to lose this weight.


One of the great tools we have at the Alpha Male Clinic, if you live near one, is our body scan machine. It’s state of the art. I paid $15,000 for this machine. It has an app on your phone. You can spin your body in a circle. You can see every measurement in your entire body, inward and outward. The reason you get emails in our program every five weeks to come in for a body scan is so that you can be accountable to that scanner. Okay? You can’t lie to those numbers. It’ll show you exactly how much fat you lost, how much fat you gained, how much muscle you gained, how much more water’s in your body. Not only that, but it’ll tell you… I was reviewing a scan this morning and she lost a third of an inch around her neck. Guess what? That’s significant because that’s just five weeks. But you can’t lie to that scan. That’s why I bought it. It’s the ultimate in accountability technology. So if you’re an Alpha Male client patient, get in, get your scans every five weeks. Be accountable to the numbers.


Everyone wants to talk about, “Give me a diet plan,” like I said. And like I told you before in a previous segment, don’t be an idiot. Guys, we’ve been raised in this culture. I call it the Subway culture because Subway, you know there’s more Subways in the country than there is McDonald’s now? A lot more, by the way. I think it’s four to one right now because 20 years ago, everyone realized that a Subway sandwich is more healthy than a Big Mac, and they started printing calories and nutritional information. We’ve been in this culture for 20 years, guys. You know what’s good for you. You know what’s bad for you. You know you have to have carbs in moderation. Yeah. I don’t believe in keto, but I do believe carbs are one of the biggest reasons for obesity in this country. It’s too much carbs.


Guys, I don’t know about you, but virtually everywhere I go that’s not McDonald’s and get a burger, there’s too much freaking bread on that burger anyway. I can’t even fit my mouth around the burger because the bun’s so damn large. I have a video that got a lot of response on where I was in Red Robin, and I had a beautiful Red Robin burger with an egg on it, and it was about yay tall. And I said, “Hey, Guys. Check out my burger. Hey. You want to see my diet plan?” And I took one of the bun buns and I just flung it across the restaurant. Got an interesting reaction out of people on that. But I eat my burgers open face. Throw a bun away. One bun is enough. You don’t need two.


You want to really push to the next level. If you’re a driven person, you don’t want to take five, six months to get to your goals. Well then, here’s another tip. Low carb at night. No. Not even low carbon at night. No carb at night. So let’s say my eating window is from 2:00 to 8:00 PM. Well, if I really want to accelerate my weight loss, my last carb that I eat is at 6:00 PM. In those last two hours, I can eat a steak and broccoli, but no potatoes. Okay? Go carb-free. You want to be hardcore? You want to get there quicker? Which I’d love that. Take those last two hours, restrict… So you have a six-hour eating window, but you’re only eating carbs for four of those hours. Those last two, protein and veggies only.


Lastly, no sugar. Sugar is addictive. Guys, it is a substance that is very similar to any drug, cocaine, meth, all those things, because it does the same thing. It makes you secrete leptin and dopamine. When you do ecstasy, the reason ecstasy is such a popular drug is because it makes you dump all your serotonin and dopamine all at the same time. Well, food is similar. It just doesn’t make you dump it all at the same time. And that’s why we keep eating and you see people keep going back to the buffet and over and over and over again, is because they’re just dopamine, dopamine, dopamine. They’re like mice in experiments, just hitting the wheel, hitting the wheel, hitting the wheel. Stop chasing the dopamine. The number one way we get dopamine in food is sugar. Okay? Cut the freaking sugar out. Go through rehab. I have a friend in rehab right now. It is just like rehab. Get off the drug that is sugar. Okay?


I know I’m being really high energy because this is that part… We’ve done this journey. You guys have learned so much with the hormone sciences and what does what. Now it’s time for a little kick in the ass. All right? It’s time. This is not going to be easy, but you can do this. And this system, this plan is the most perfect plan. And I’m not going to take credit for it, guys. I’ve literally stolen this from 10 different places. Very smart, much smarter people than me. But I’ve tested it all on myself. It freaking works, I promise you. One of the biggest bullshit excuses is actually, “Well, everybody’s body’s different. Everybody’s body responds differently to different things.” That’s the biggest loser statement you’re ever going to hear. Stop saying it. Okay? It’s not true. Okay?


Now what is true is you might have screwed your body up so much that it’s adapted. And now it doesn’t respond the way it’s supposed to respond. But there is no Body Shop, there’s no Checker Auto, Advance Auto that has five different hearts. We all have the same organs in us, and they’re all supposed to do the same thing. Now I understand there’s diseases and there’s defects, but most every reason why our bodies don’t perform the way they’re supposed to is because of our own idiocy.


The reason this class is called Metabo-Launch is we’re not just trying to lose weight here. We’re trying to change your freaking life and launch a new, fast metabolism forever. Okay? This plan will do that. It will heal insulin resistance. It will heal leptin resistance. As I said earlier, literally food will taste better to you if you heal leptin resistance. Get ghrelin resistance. You’ll get used to that hunger pain. Who cares? It’s part of life. Cavemen were hungry every day. It’s okay if you’re hungry a little bit of the day. It really is, guys.


And lastly, get to work, guys. Get to work. Go to the gym. Make it hurt. This whole crazy talk that I give everyone, it is kind of crazy. I wake up in the morning. I get in a cold shower. Literally, I get under the shower. I make sure every part of my body… A 45-second cold shower releases the cortisol, wakes me up, gets my hormones fired up and working for me now. Then I go on the kitchen and I have a shot of apple cider vinegar. Guys, I’ve been doing this for three years. It still sucks. I don’t like apple cider vinegar. It sucks. I don’t care. I get in the car. I put my little YouTube videos up that I send you all, motivational videos, inspirational speakers. And I get myself mentally jacked up on the way to the gym.


If I’m in the middle of a talk or if I’m not properly motivated, I sit in the parking lot for 5, 10 more minutes, finish my video. And then I get out in the gym and I destroy those weights. Guys, I can’t work out at Planet Fitness because I’m too loud. You all might go, “Oh. He’s a gym bro.” Yes. Guys, I don’t think it’s possible to go 110% quietly. It is impossible for me to fail and finish that last rep without making a noise. So I don’t make these noises so that you’ll hear me and go, “Oh. He’s hardcore. Oh. He’s awesome.” No. I do it because I’m in so much freaking pain.


There are times when I fall on pushups and I’m on the ground like a baby, practically crying because I put myself through so much pain that my muscles tore, which is hypertrophy, like we’ve talked about. Okay. So let’s look at the day. Cold shower, vinegar, no breakfast, killing myself at the gym. That’s a crazy morning. That’s why I say I’m crazy. And if you want achieve your goals, you want to live your best life, you’ve got to get crazy. All right? I love when you guys reach out to me, progress photos, questions. I want to help. We want to be here for you, especially here at Alpha. We only bring people into this clinic and employees that have the same vision, mentality, drive that…


Guys, when I started this company, I didn’t make any money for a long while. But I tell you, I felt like I was paid in riches every freaking day because I got to share in people’s success stories. And I got the text messages and the pictures, you [inaudible 00:20:07] even believe how many pictures I get of guys flexing in the mirror or ab shots. And that jacks me up. We truly love what we do here at Alpha Male Clinic. On the clinic side, there’s a lot of things we can do. There is magic that we find in the blood. We run a blood panel that is the equivalent of four different doctors that you would see, an endocrinologist, a general practitioner, a metabolism guru, four different doctors, an OB GYN, or a urologist. We run enough panels for all four of them to do their job because we want to know what’s going on.


If your legs are being swept out from under you because your thyroid isn’t working well, let’s find out. If your testosterone levels are in the tank, let’s figure that out because I’ll be honest with you. I could not have done what I did with my transformation with low testosterone. I’ve had low testosterone since I was 25 years old, but I’ve been treating it. It would not be possible for me to turn my life around with a deficiency like that. So if there’s an excuse, let’s look at it in the blood. Let’s find out and let’s fix it. Let’s remove the excuses of aging so that you can get on with it and get to work, all right, guys?


Thanks so much for your attention, your commitment. You motivate all of us. You all hear me say all the time, LFG. Let’s freaking go. Now’s the time. Press stop on this video and get to freaking work. All right?