Have you ever have had this experience when you’re trying to lose weight? 

Maybe you’ve had a good day…

It gets late in the evening…

You pass the pantry…and just devour a box of cereal at 10 o’clock at night.

All the guilt, shame and frustration flowed in because you felt like you threw away all your hard work. Been there? I have.

I am a self-proclaimed foodie. I freaking LOVE food. I’ve also always loved the gym, and I’ve gone consistently for 27 years. It’s a passion of mine. I didn’t really care about losing weight because I always felt like I had a very slow metabolism. I used to make a joke that I could smell a doughnut and gain half a pound. I honestly believed that, and I thought I was doomed to be heavy my whole life.

Three years ago, I read obesity code by Dr. Jason Fung. It’s a great book on hormones, biochemistry, and how it all relates to weight loss and weight gain.

I studied, I learned, and I changed my life. 

I realized I had similar traits and characteristics of an alcoholic, but with food. When I read this book I learned that I wasn’t necessarily wrong. I began to approach things differently and came up with some of my own philosophies on addiction. Not only are addictions hormonally inspired, but once we eat food, or we drink alcohol, there’s actually a hormonal response. Over time we’re actually being urged to eat and drink by our hormones, and there are consequences, both good and bad hormonally because of what we eat and drink.

In our Metabo-Launch series, I’ll explain why every diet fails, be it Atkins, Keto, cleanses, calories in calories out, and how every diet known to man crushes metabolism.

Most importantly, I’ll teach you how to jumpstart your metabolism naturally. I’m talking about manipulating your hormones naturally through intermittent fasting. Not just abstaining from food, but what it actually means too fast, and the scientific magic that happens within your body when you do it correctly.

Metabo-Launch is an amazing, life changing course that takes about an hour to watch. Give me an hour, I’ll change your life. Watch a section at a time, or all in one setting, just start today!

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