Have you had your Fit3D body scan?

FIT3D is the latest in body composition DEXA scan technology, and is a great way to know your starting point and be able to track your progress over time. It measures bone density, muscle content, visceral fat around the organs, water, and fat by taking over 200 measurements around your body.  

How accurate is Fit3D body scan?

Fit3d has found that when scanning the same person 30 times in a row with the same testing technician (intra rater), 98% of the time all metrics were within 1% or 1cm of each other.

What should I expect? 

Body scans and measurements are private. Men will be measured in underwear. Women, lycra/spandex-type boyshorts and sports bra (no wire or padding). You can choose who will see your images. If you decide to invite your coach/trainer to your account then you can decide if you want them to see your measurements only, with no scans, or allow them to see your images as well.

How often should I get a scan?

Repeating the scan every 5 weeks will help us compare your measurements and gauge where you are seeing progress. From losing weight to building muscle the 3D scans can tell you how your body is changing with your fitness routine and will help you see progress right before your eyes!

Come on in to the Alpha Male Clinic for a FIT3D appointment. Remember, measuring greatness begins with a scan!