What is the Priapus Shot® or the P-Shot®?

Do you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, or wish that you could perform better in the bedroom? The P-Shot®, or “Priapus Shot,” provides a revolutionary approach to enhancing male sexual function. The Priapus Shot® P-Shot® is a penile injection for men that restores proper blood flow and stimulates new penile tissue growth, without the vascular side effects caused by other treatments and medications.

The P-Shot® is a non-invasive, natural, procedure that begins when blood is drawn from the client. A centrifuge is used to isolate the platelets, containing the body’s natural growth factors, from a client’s own blood. This nutrient-rich, PRP solution is activated and injected into the penis – by one of the licensed medical doctors or nurse practitioners, stimulating new penile tissue, enhancing nerve sensation and increasing blood flow to the penis. The entire procedure takes 30 minutes.

Some clients notice an immediate increase in girth and function. Most clients, however, report feeling an improvement in their sexual function and size within three to four weeks following their treatment.

A package of two or three P-shots is advised to most individuals, and it is advised to repeat the procedure annually. It has also been shown to be more effective when used in conjunction with other erectile dysfunction treatments, such as hormone balancing, shock wave therapy or prescription medications, all of which can be discussed in a consultation with your P-Shot® provider.

Coined “the lunch break procedure,” the client may resume normal activity (including sexual intercourse) immediately. A feeling of numbness from the anesthetic is normal for a few hours after the procedure.

Because of the potent anesthetic cream that is applied topically to the area prior to the treatment, there is is very little to no pain associated with the P-Shot® itself.

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