PT-141 (Bremelanotide)

PT-141 could be used to treat female sexual dysfunction as well as male erectile dysfunction. According to studies, PT-141 does not affect the circulatory system, but it does boost sexual desire via the neurological system.

PT141 (Bremelanotide)2022-08-21T20:42:25-04:00

What is PT-141

PT-141 increases arousal, desire, and satisfaction with sex by acting directly on the neurological system. Treatments such as Viagra and Cialis work by affecting the vascular system and only allow you to have an erection.

PT-141 peptide, on the other hand, restores closeness and passion to your relationship by providing desire and motivation as well as the ability to obtain an erection. Peptides are also safer for a larger range of people, including those with heart issues who want to have a healthy sex life, because they work through the neurological system rather than the cardiovascular system.

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Patient Benefits Over Time May Include:

  • Improved sexual desire and performance in both men & women

  • Enhanced mood, reduction in stress and depression

  • Increased benefits when combined with other treatments and hormone therapies

Typical Prescribing Protocol:

Males who have never had ED should start with 1mg (0.1mL) administered subcutaneously in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen at least 45 minutes before sexual activity (titrating dose upward to effect as needed or tolerated).

Males with an ED history or diagnosis who do not respond to Sildenafil 100mg should start with 4mg (0.4mL) administered subcutaneously in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen 45 minutes before sexual activity (titrating dose upward to effects as needed or tolerated).

Females with FSAD or HSDD might start with a subcutaneous injection of 750mcg – 1mg (0.075mL – 0.1mL).
(increasing the dose as needed or acceptable) at least 45 minutes before sexual activity. No more than two times a week is recommended.
Nausea, flushing, and headache are some of the male and female side effects.

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Peptides Frequently Asked Questions

Do peptides really work for fat loss?2022-09-15T23:36:47-04:00

Peptides can assist with weight loss in a variety of ways. For example, some peptides can boost the production of HGH. In doing so, you also experience increased strength and energy, which can improve your workouts and help you burn more calories. It can also help you recover faster.

Can peptides be combined together in order to do a single shot?2022-09-15T23:31:22-04:00

Peptides should not be combined due to the fact that when you combine different peptides they can actually form new bonds and change what they will do in your system. It is advised to do them as separate injections.

How effective are peptides for Human Growth Hormone when compared to Synthetic Human Growth Hormone?2022-09-15T23:29:55-04:00

Peptides are roughly 80%-90% as effective as Synthetic Human Growth Hormone with very minimal side effects. They can stay in your system for over 20 hours where as Synthetic Human Growth Hormone only stays in for 15 minutes meaning you get much more of a long term effect.

Who should not take peptides?2022-09-15T23:29:11-04:00

In general, peptides are very well-tolerated. However, some peptides can interfere with growth hormones, and should not be taken if you have or have had cancer, or if you are pregnant.

How long do peptide last in the fridge? How should peptides be stored?2022-09-15T23:28:19-04:00

Peptides can stay potent for up to 6 months, you will want to store them in a refrigerator.

What are the benefits of Peptides?2022-08-21T22:01:03-04:00

There are many benefits of peptides that you need to know. Many products in the market claim to be the best and help people achieve their goals. However, only a few can deliver what they promise. This article will provide information about peptides and their benefits in various fields.

Is it better to inject or take Peptides orally?2022-08-21T19:33:59-04:00

Some peptides like BP-157 can be taken orally but most need to be injected.

What is a Peptide?2022-08-21T19:31:28-04:00

The definition of a Peptide – is a molecule that contains two or more amino acids (the molecules that join together to form proteins). Peptides that contain many amino acids are called polypeptides or proteins.

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