The Alpha Male Clinic is a therapeutic and optimization wellness practice serving North Myrtle Beach, with plans to expand to other cities. Our hormonal health institute focuses on your well-being, reversing negative hormone imbalance effects, and strengthening your immune system.

With virtual services as well as in-person, we specialize in North Myrtle Beachhormone replacement therapy, hormone optimization, peptide therapy, micronutrient testing, personalized IV infusions, P shot or priapus shot and targeted supplementation.

Our specialized hormone and peptide therapy doctors are here to give you a detailed wellness assessment. Each assessment will help you restore your body and bring it back to optimal function, health, and vitality.

North Myrtle Beach Hormone Replacement Therapy

Due to the recent advances in technology, the world of molecular science has made some incredible discoveries. We now possess the knowledge, and more importantly the access to breakthrough medications that have the power to revolutionize every aspect of our lives.

Our expertise has now given us the ability to extend a variety of optimization practices and services. In addition to effectively addressing the impact of sarcopenia, senescent cells, andropause, and pre/post menopause which can dramatically accelerate the aging process, we also specialize in sexual optimization.

Studies have shown that people need more than store-bought vitamins and minerals to handle aging gracefully and change hormone levels. We understand that this is a crucial area of life and one which we take very seriously because of the beauty and passion this area can generate and the pain and fear it can produce for people if it isn’t addressed or nourished effectively.